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MessageMe is Harvard University’s emergency notification system. Update your MessageMe profile.


In cases of life-threatening emergencies, always call 911 first. 


Preparing for Emergencies商州利东聚服务有限公司




The leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease, which often leads to sudden cardiac arrest. The use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can greatly increase a person’s chance of surviving. AEDs are simple to use and can be found throughout the university. Find locations of AEDs on the HLS campus and across Harvard University.


The Law School maintains a standing Local Emergency Management Team (LEMT) that works closely with University officials on emergency protocols and, in the event of an incident, will coordinate emergency response activities for the School.

Matt Gruber Administration 617-998-1731 Overall management of emergency planning, preparedness, response and recovery efforts. Develops and implements business continuity and disaster resumption efforts for HLS.
Katie McGrath Finance 617-496-6058 Manages the financial aspects of the school’s emergency planning, response, and recovery actions.
Melodie Jackson Communications 617-496-4481 Sends emergency-related information to the HLS community and serves as HLS’s spokesperson to the media.
Marcia Sells Dean of Students 617-495-1881 Supports students and their families with emergency-related needs.
John Arciprete Facilities 617-495-5521 Maintains the facilities and grounds for emergency operations and finds alternate locations for emergency operations if needed. Procures, inventories, stores, and distributes emergency equipment and supplies.
Pratike Patel ITS 617-384-5063 Manages the IT networking and equipment needs of the LEMT.
Roxanne Armbruster Human Resources 617-496-2080 Recruits, trains, and assigns the HLS’s emergency planning and response employees and volunteers.
Jocelyn Kennedy Library 617-496-2108 A representative of the Library is included due to the physical space, number of staff, and contents of the collection including rare manuscripts, etc.

MessageMe Administrators Login (for emergency personnel only)

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